Wednesday, February 27, 2013


Order CUT OFF DATE will be APRIL 1st, 2013 until after we move and get settled in Californ-I-A! With a goal of all orders being complete by the end of April. At that time I will be concentrating on our move and will notify all once back up and running. Do not be surprised if it is not until the Fall of 2013!

I need to clarify the Order Process: 
Once we have confirmed your order details I will send you an online invoice. That invoice is to be payed promptly (as in within a few, few being 3 days). The "due" date that is confirmed in discussions is based on this. If you delay your payment, your order is then delayed. I cannot guarantee your order will be received on or by your "due date" if you delay payment. I will no longer order items or materials BEFORE payment is received. 

On to HAPPIER Notes!! I am off to Californ-I-A with the Hubs next week to take a peak at what and where we will be living in a few months. While I am gone I have decided to have a CONTEST!! It will be on the Kalicocrafts Facebook Page.

Here is the FB Post:
"While I am out in Cali next week how about a contest???? Thinking about those who have received or purchased a Kalicocrafts item can enter by posting pictures of the item they purchased in use!!! I know it would make my day while I am stuck in a car looking at RIDICULOUSLY priced housing! It will start on Monday, March 4th at 12:01am eastern and end Monday, March 11th at 12:01am eastern. Post pictures to the Kalicocrafts page and whomever gets the most "LIKES" WINS a $30 credit!!! TAKERS???"

So get your Photo Shoots scheduled, you have a few days til we start!! Can't wait to see them all! After you post your photo(s) you need to RECRUIT for "Likes"! Most "Likes" wins!!! Good Luck!

Here are some recent orders:

I am now offering MORE items such as Totes, Duffle Bags, and Backpacks to be personalized

They wanted an Elmo Shirt for Elmo Live! I found this at H&M while on the hunt for a Blank Tee. I added the name in Heat Vinyl!

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