Saturday, February 28, 2015


I've been buried in Flip Flop orders already. I was able to get my hands on about 20 pairs of Black flip flops and they sold QUICK! I'm already out of Black 9/10 until supplier restocks again. Hopefully this week. I just finished a group of sandals for a Girls Trip! FUN! The possibilities are endless with the custom sandals. Here is what I have been up to.

Custom Order for a "Bride To Be"

This is the Mock Up for the Girls Trip! All got to pick the text color of their choice!

The Wrestling Birthday Belt shirt has been very popular as well lately! 

This is  a Custom Cape I did for a repeat customer. I had made some for her girls for Christmas a couple years ago and she wanted one for her niece. I used as much glitter as I could and went with the inner Frozen Sisters glitter fabric. I used a new technique of glitter vinyl with fabric for the emblem as well. SUPER happy with how great it turned out! 


Magnetic Closure


Another Custom Request that I LOVED. "Petal Patrol" shirts for flower girls in an upcoming wedding. The Bride ordered "Ring Security" shirts for the Ring Bearers and wanted something for the girls as well. I found the PERFECT shirts to use at Target. The lace top and sleeves have flower shapes in them. All text is glitter as well! 

     Quick and Easy Teacher gifts for my preschooler!

This was another Custom request for a repeat customer who LOVES to give these as baby gifts. We usually coordinate the pillows with the nursery and then when the child is ready it is their tooth fairy pillow as well. As a Cubs fan it is always hard for me to create Cardinals things but, I fought through and did it for her. I think it turned out Great, except for the Cardinals thing. :)


Another custom request from a high school friend. She is SO lucky to be a Godmother more than once. Last time we made her a SUPER cute "Fairy Godmother" shirt. She is a Co-Godmother this time around and asked for this theme. LOVE IT! White is glitter vinyl...of course! 

Another Wrestling Belt Birthday Shirt!