Saturday, September 14, 2013

Princess Frog Tooth Fairy Pillow, Halloween Ready and Football Season!!

We've got a new friend to welcome into the Tooth Fairy Pillow Family! Princess Frog! LOVE how she turned out!

The Tooth Pocket in this design is in the Star of the Wand

Tooth Pockets are always finished as well

Girl Versions always come with a 3 inch Ruffle

I LOVE OWLS and this Owl Bat with Monogram is my favorite design so far this season! Now if I would've remembered to use some Glow In The Dark Thread too!!

A new spin on last years Football Bow shirt. This time I use Glitter Vinyl! LOVE IT! 

Thursday, September 12, 2013


Back at it again and already up to my eyeballs in Tooth Pillows (new designs coming) and Custom Capes!!! Etsy shop is reopen and items added. Here are some custom orders that I have been working on!

My Boy turned 6 - cant believe it! 

A Lovie or "Dude" as my kids call them. Using the new Chevron Circle Monogram. Satin trim and on reverse side and smooth minky.

Yep, I can do these too. Boppy Pillow Covers, with a zipper!

Another Style of Lovie. 4 Square Minky Quilted on one side with Minky dot on other. Two Inch Satin Trim and Name.

Monogram Backpack, Cosmetic Bag and Bowler Style Lunch Bag

A BIG epidemic where I am from. A house divided. Let the parents choose which side of the burp cloth to use ! 

LOVE these bags. 

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Mark It Down!! SEPTEMBER 9th ReOpening!

I have figured a way to get back at it! September 9th, Kalicocrafts will be reopening for custom orders. SO EXCITED!! Here are some things I've completed lately! LOVING California and the Amazing weather here. Son just start Kindergarten and the little lady is so sad missing her brother. Soon, she will have someone to keep her busy so I can focus on the task at hand!

Monogrammed Hipster purse! 

For my little California Girl!

Contest winner FINALLY cashed in for her new nephew!

Saw these and thought they would be perfect for my lady friends!

Who hasn't had their iphon/ipad charger disappear? 

I LOVE when I get to mix mediums and use ALL my machines together. This is an example. Vinyl Number and Name, Chiffon Glitter ruffle sleeves and Applique Embroidered Characters!

SO much vinyl layering but TOTALLY worth it! 

Glitter Vinyl is SO FUN!

Special 1st Birthday Gift! 

Old Shoes and a Bleach Pen! Polka Dot Chucks!

Getting Backpacks ready for school!

Glitter Vinyl shirt for Mom of the Birthday Girls!!

LOVE this Font (Melanie)

Another Minion! 

Monday, July 29, 2013


This is one of the HARDEST decisions that I have had to make. I need to extend the HIATUS until January 2014. I will honor any commitment that I have made and prior to this posting. I just need more time to get settled, and focus on me and the family a bit.

Friday, March 22, 2013

The Low Down on Shutting Down

Those of you on Facebook have seen the NEWS! As of March 31st, I will be closing up both the Etsy shop and Custom Orders. Etsy shop is open for Ready To Ship items only. Look for the reopening sometime in the Fall of 2013. Hopefully then I can add Ruffle Pants and Many other new and exciting items.

Why you ask? I'll tell ya.

We are moving to Northern California at the end of Spring is a BIG one. My youngest has decided to stop napping at 2.5. Nap time is my work time. I am a Single Parent during the week as the Hubs job keeps him away. So, you can imagine with two crazy climbing kids I am exhausted once they FINALLY fall asleep.

About Me:

As my Customers have grown I sometimes forget that not everyone is a "friend" of mine on FB and so you don't know my life or situation. I am a SAHM with a "Hobby". I say "Hobby" because I didn't start it to make money at it, nor do I keep it up for the money. It is a fortunate situation that I am in, I don't have to do it for the money. It's nice but, it is not my motivation. What is my MOST important focus needs to be my family. That is the main reason for the stops and starts of the Shop. I am constantly torn between the two.

The plan as of know is we move to California, get settled this summer and once the kids are in school and preschool in the Fall I will be able to have the time I need to do both.

I will continue to share photos and products as I still have orders to finish. As well as private gifts and sewing for my kids in the mean time.

Thank you all SO SO MUCH for sticking with me and being loyal. I am SO BLESSED to have the support and love from you all.

Please don't hesitate to drop me a note if you have any questions!


Thursday, February 28, 2013


Just saw this morning that Minky in Chevron print is now available. I will be ordering a yard of Black/White, Blue/White, Hot Pink/White, Silver/White for stock as well as some of the new Minky Swirl Colors : Silver, Charcoal and Jade