Paparazzi Shade (Car Seat Canopy Cover)

 is SERIOUSLY the best invention EVER!! This keeps all those nosie people from touching, breathing, and waking your baby. It is also AMAZING for those windy places (Chicago, Oklahoma City) where a blanket over the car seat just won't due.  

A friend asked me if I could make one for her so I did some internet research on what options there were and how to make one. I decided to mash all of them together for her.

This is the first one I made for my baby girl and a test run. I added a zipper in the middle to let her peak when no one was lurking (LOL!)

 Elastic to the back to keep it from blowing up and wind from getting to her precious little cheeks.

Here is hers. I put snaps down the front AND 

One in the back so she could snap one side back OR both. Plus the elastic in the back to keep it in place and nice and snug

Here is showing from the front with one side snapped back. This is also PERFECT in the car instead of those annoying sun shades that never seem to work either.

Side view 

Back view

Zipper Closure

The above Paparazzi Shade Design was gifted to Reese Witherspoon via Black Diamond Celebrity Gifting

This one was REALLY fun to make. It was part of a gifting for Kim Kardashian and Kanye West's little angel North. (Via Black Diamond Celebrity Gifting). Thought a Paparazzi Shade would be just what they needed. Haven't seen it yet. Hope they enjoyed it! 

These run around $60, higher or lower based on material costs. 

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