Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Catching Up!

I am still not able to accept any custom orders a this time. Hoping that life will start to slow down some and allow for me to start back up again. Below are some things that I did manage to create AND get pictures of. LOL! 

Someone wanted to be Rapunzel…..I couldn't allow her to go out in that mess they sell. One of those projects where I had a vision in my head and figured it out as I went. 

LOVE these bags!! I still have 4 in stock. Finished them a few hours before it was Trick Or Treat time! 

Hoping to do more Vinyl work as I am able to turn it out faster. 

Glitter Vinyl Football Shirts…not just for kids! Welcome our new baby Leonard to the family. I'm sure he will inspire new Doggy products!!

TMNT making a comeback!

Custom Paparazzi Shade! 

A friend from High School requested this beauty. She wore wings and had a wand as well to visit her new Godchild in the hospital.  Just another example of Custom Items

Custom Glitter Vinyl Birthday Shirt and Tutu! I forgot a picture but, I had a small minnie silhouette on the rear of the onesie too! 

Haven't done these in quite a while. Custom Handmade Reversible Burp Cloths. I use thick hand towels for the appliqué side and cotton for coordinated back. 

New Color Scheme for the Girl Sock Monkey Pillow

This was originally was meant for Prince George through a gifting agency. I TOTALLY BOOFED and missed the cutoff date. YIKES! Worked out perfect in the end as a gift for a close friend and her first new bundle! LOVE this print!

Here is a Monogram I did on my Nieces Duffle Bag I got her for Christmas. LOVE these textured fonts. 

Stay Tuned, Stay with me. I will be back!