Monday, May 21, 2012

Here are a few Custom Orders that I have been working on
Shopping Cart Cover, Attached adjustable parachute strap, Elastic pockets, Connection strap (to hook toys, pacifier, your keys etc to), Double sided premium cotton fabric

Custom Vinyl Onesie Design

Custom Super Hero Capes - Reversible, Premium Cotton or Satin, Custom Designed Badge, Heavy Duty Mangentic Closure

New Embroidery Design - Cubs, Premium 6 ply burp cloths

Custom Birthday Tee

Monogrammed Hoodie Towel

Custom 6 ply premium burp cloth. Chicago Bears embroidery design

 Customized Crayon Roll

Curlz Crown Initial Tee (Large Size Shown)

Curlz Crown Initial Tee (Medium Size Shown)

Custom Birthday Tee. Curlz Number with Mod Monkey Applique Design

Reversible and Adjustable In The Hoop Crown

Custom Tote Bags

Custom Initial Super Hero Tee

Sports Fabric Flowers with BLING!!

Plain Monster Tooth Fairy Pillow

Sports Fabric Flower

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