Friday, February 17, 2012

Monster Tooth Fairy Pillows

These are my FAVORITE thing to make right now...they are just TOO CUTE!! My son GFunk even asked for one, and he is not easily influenced...TRUST ME. He refuses to wear his Super Hero Cape....Any Who, thought I would share the story of how the Pillows came about and how I make them.

As most of you have now heard of the wonderful site called Pinterest. If not you are TOTALLY missing out on INSPIRATION! So many awesome ideas, recipes, styles, etc, etc. That is where I found the cutest picture of a Tooth Fairy Pillow. It was SO cute but, the design seemed familiar. A friend who's saw what I had pinned asked if I could make her a couple. HECK YEA I CAN!! So, the next day I first searched my hunch that I had seen that Monster design else where....sure enough the site I use to get some of my embroidery/applique` designs from they had almost the EXACT monster. So, rather than infringe on the "creators" wishes to not sell, link "her design" I decided to take the inspiration of her pillow and make it my own. Which I do often.

Here is a comparison of the two designs:

I downloaded the design and stitched it out all the way (I wanted the inside of the pocket (mouth) to match the outside. I try my best when creating to think of all aspects and pay CLOSE attention to details.

After the Monster was all stitched out onto the pillow material I created the pocket (mouth).
I traced the stitched mouth to make a template and cut it out wide enough to turn in the sides to stitch. I reinforced it with fusible interfacing to make it sturdy and stiff. Machine Satin Stitched the pocket (mouth) to the Applique Design!!

 DONE!! I LOVE THE RESULTS!! Can't wait to make some for GFunk and CChunk (my littles).

If you would like to place an order for the above design please email me your request at The finished size when stuffed is 9 inches square. $20 plus shipping as an introductory price!! 

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  1. Super Cute! I also love the flower bag you made for Kimberly!! You are very talented :)